Gefilte Fish

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Reimagining Jewish foods sometimes means rethinking the classics. For us, it all started with gefilte fish.

We took the classic dish and made it colorful, gluten free and responsibly sourced (with non-GMO olive oil and the highest quality fish). We also made sure it tasted really great.

The Gefilteria’s signature gefilte fish comes fully cooked and blast frozen. Just take it home, let it thaw and serve.

Our fish is certified kosher for Passover by the OU and can be found online and in the finest retail stores across the country. Find a retailer near you. 

Looking for horseradish to serve with gefilte fish? Make your own!
Try our recipe for our unique carrot citrus horseradish.

And, when you’re ready to serve up your Gefilteria gefilte fish, check out our simple thawing and serving guidelines.

Still have a burning question? Check out our comprehensive Gefilteria FAQ page.