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Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

A loved and loathed Jewish staple gets an update

Off the Menu w/ Gefilteria

WCCO|CBS MINNESOTA: Interview w/ Jeffrey and Liz – 9/17/16

Kosher Foods Get an Update and Liz Weighs in.


HERITAGE RADIO: Jeffrey and Liz join Sari Kamin to talk “The Gefilte Manifesto” and other manifestoes.


Joan Hamburg interviews Liz and Jeffrey about The Gefilte Manifesto.

Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

America, Are you Strong Enough to Drink Kvas?

Millenial Jews Do an About- Face (aka – That time NPR called us cool)

Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

2015 Food Trends (yeah, craft gefilte fish made it onto the list)


HERITAGE RADIO: Jeffrey at Boston Fermentation Festival.