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Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

KCRW | GOOD FOOD: The Gefilte Manifesto: Herbed gefilte fish terrine

Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

NPR | ALL THINGS CONSIDERED: A loved and loathed Jewish staple gets an update

Off the Menu w/ Gefilteria

WCCO|CBS MINNESOTA: Interview w/ Jeffrey and Liz – 9/17/16

MARKETPLACE: Kosher Foods Get an Update and Liz Weighs in.


HERITAGE RADIO: Jeffrey and Liz join Sari Kamin to talk “The Gefilte Manifesto” and other manifestoes.


WABC | JOAN HAMBURG: Joan Hamburg interviews Liz and Jeffrey about The Gefilte Manifesto.

Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

NPR | WEEKEND EDITION: America, Are you Strong Enough to Drink Kvas?

NPR | MORNING EDITION: Millennial Jews Do an About- Face (aka – That time NPR called us cool)

Gefilte Manifesto NPR Update

NPR | MORNING EDITION: 2015 Food Trends (yeah, craft gefilte fish made it onto the list)


HERITAGE RADIO | FUHMENTABOUDIT: Jeffrey at Boston Fermentation Festival.


ON THE MENU: Jeffrey and Liz speak with Peter and Ann Haigh.