About Us

About The Gefilteria

The Gefilteria reimagines Old World Jewish foods, adapting Ashkenazi classics to the values and tastes of a new generation. We produce our signature foods on a season basis, inluding our small-batch gefilte fish, pickles and Beet Kvass, using only the highest quality ingredients. You can find our retail products online and in gourmet markets. We also plan unique dining experiences.  


About The Gefilteria's Gefilte Fish

We make the highest quality gefilte fish available, that looks great and is made from better sourced ingredients. Learn more here.

About The Gefilteria's Beet Kvass

We produce an effervescent and bubbly beet-based tonic known as beet kvass. It's available in select shops in Brooklyn. Learn more here.


The Gefilteria Team


Elizabeth Alpern, co-owner

Liz is an experienced cook, food writer and event planner. She worked with national non-profit Fair Food Network over the last two years, organizing the development aspects of the organization and coordinating a multi-city book tour for Fair Food: Growing a Healthy, Sustainable Food System for All. She got her start in the Jewish food world working with acclaimed cookbook author Joan Nathan and developed her passion for street food making Banh Mi on the Rebel Heroes Sandwich Truck.

Jeffrey Yoskowitz, co-owner

Jeffrey is a food entrepreneur, pickler and food writer. The son of a deli maven, Jeffrey grew up visiting New York’s finest Jewish food institutions. He has written about all facets of Jewish food for magazines and newspapers, and he trained as a pickler at Adamah foods where he fell in love with the art of lacto-fermentation. He has worked in the food world as an entrepreneur and a consultant for small businesses.

Jackie Lilinshtein, co-owner

Jackie is passionate about her heritage, especially the delicious foods that remind her of her Grandmother’s house and is extremely proud to be developing gefilte fish for the future. Her background is in finance, economic analysis, and consulting. She is no stranger to running successful small businesses, as her family owns several mom-and-pop pharmacies around Brooklyn and Manhattan.


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